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Storm as Trio Mio is compared to E-Sir


By Emmaline Owuor

Trio Mio has once grabbed the attention of Kenyans on twitter after being compared to the legendary rapper E-sir.

The young artist who is barely 18 years old became famous through his song ‘cheza kama wewe’ where  he featured great artists like Mejja who made the song a hit song.

Performing artist Nameless took to his Twitter account to congratulate the young artist for doing a good work to a point of being compared to a Legend.

“Keep up the good work @TriomioOfficial whenever you see yourself being compared to greats like E-Sir then you are definitely impactful. Bless up,” read the post.

The young talented rapper replied to nameless tweet thanking him for the encouragement.

“Thank you so much @namelesskenyathis means the world to me. It’s a great honor to even be in the same convo as The Legend Inanipea strength ya kuzidi kuskuma. Bless Up,” he said.

However, not everyone was of the opinion of comparing the young artist to the legend.

“Trio Mio is talented, that’s true. But comparing with E-Sir is where we draw the line.” Wrote @its_biko

“A form two kid Trio Mio sings praises of all kinds of drugs and other vices (kunyonga).. you can’t compare with Success of legendary E-Sir,” wrote @GeorgeKamau

“It is not fair to compare the two, especially since E-sir was a pioneer in the industry and made the way for the younger generation; and he is already late. This young one may be good but E-sir is the legend that paved the way for him and will always stand tall in music history,” wrote @murungacalistus.

While some are of the opinion he can’t be compared to a legendary person, others thinks that each person has his own time to shine.

“Tbh, E-Sir, Czars & Trio are all artists in their own time. We had E-Sir at his time, Czars at his time (Albeit with one song) & we now have Trio. All were/are great mutually exclusive artists. So ideally, the concept of comparison is null & void. Just listen to music & enjoy,” wrote @KPLGT4T