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Street kids from Kiambu county are decrying neglect from the National and the county government especially on the projects touching on the growth and development of young people in the country ahead of the 2017 general election.

Dickson Gitau 25, has been on the streets of Thika town since he was seven years and says they face discrimination from the society for the way they are forced to live and have also been branded as thugs.

“The government claim they have set aside funds for support and youth development at a grass root level but if you do a follow up on the same it’s only the rich kids that are legible to the funds. We get thrown out because of the condition that we are in”. Gitau says

Though they have legal identifications as well as the voters cards Gitau says they refuse to vote for leaders who stigmatize them and care less for their welfare, education and healthcare.

“We have the National Identifications and the voters cards as well. These leaders only come to the streets pushing us to get registered leaving us with the same condition”.

And for that Gitau demands that as the street kids are legible to vote, the leaders have to show support and take care of their situation and should not wait for them to be taken to prison to get instilled with skills.

“These leaders should stop treating us as garbage. We are Kenyans who have rights like anyother person and they should start treating us as such. If not they should count our votes out”.

Gitau and other street kids is seeking that the government should find them accomodation and a school to be built where they would be tought various skills in order to earn them a living.

“We are not asking for much. If only we could be provided with a roof to live under, and a school be built for us to learn a few skills, we will be better off”.

Gitau also decries discriminatory treatment from authorities as some of them are mistaken for thieves culminating to killings by the police.