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Will Women’s Football get the recognition it deserves?



Though it is well known that women are often underappreciated and undervalued in the work force, the prejudice is greater in some professions than others,and football is not left out.

The lack of sponsorship for the Women football in Kenya  is adversely affecting teams, but passion has kept clubs going.

Terry Ouko defender in the Homeless street soccer team says that women in Kenya only play “for the love of football.”

Terry who was once in the Starlets squad says that without the backing of sponsors, women’s football will continue to face an uphill battle to get the recognition it deserves.

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Speaking Exclusively to Ghetto Radio Terry explains that many players have second jobs to subsidize their earning in football.

“But even this is challenging as there is no set practice schedule for the women’s clubs”

“Football is a profession like any other and ladies should be earning a leaving out of it just as the male counterparts ”.She adds.

“Women’s clubs in West Africa are valued.In Nigeria Leagues are strong because of the exposure they get from the sponsorships”

“It has been the most amazing moment  for women’s sport,especially the Starlets and we must not now let the moment pass.The ladies need a real test in terms of friendlies to make them strong”