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Stressed? Meet Nairobi Street Melodist Who Sings To Uplift Mood


With a hustle and buzzle of the street, comes a small corner of paradise along the Muindi Mbingu Street.

Kevin Mwangi Kariuki, is uplifting moods, reducing stress and relieving depression from his audience using his melodious vocals and guitar.

” I’m  singing  in the streets  to fulfil  my purpose  of inspiring those walking in the streets, sometimes  you can see someone  walking  in the street, but the worn out  and depressed, music  being  a gift  of God I choose  to share  with the community,” Kariuki  stated.

With an experience spanning four years, Mwangi says that he starts his day with prayers hoping to have a good day and also uplift someone’s day.

“I wake up pray and prepare for the day, I pray first choose uplifting bible verse or songs that that I play for the entire day,” he added.

Some of the songs he chooses to play are those that soothe the hearts of bystanders and traders. Before the elections, he used to sing songs that seek to unite the country.

“I composed songs as the country was headed to the elections, as a uniting factor. Though it was not played on the mainstream media, but I have had the privilege of playing it to my audience,” says Kariuki.

Apart from music Kariuki is a trained mechanic. He told Ghetto Radio that he runs garage as a career though music has been his passion since childhood.

“I am a trained mechanic I run garage, but I found the music fulfilling, music has been my cup of tea since I was young,” he recounts.

Vivian Githinji, a passive audience and a book seller along Muindi Mbingu Street also confirmed Kariuki’s choice of music to uplift her spirit especially at the off peak hours when the sales are low.

Is your spirit down in Nairobi’s CBD? Take a stretch out to Muindi Mbingu Street for cool inspirational melodies.

By Rodgers Oduor


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