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STRUGGLERS: Movement Set To Change Kenya’s Political Dynamics Launched

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A political movement set to change the dynamics of Kenyan politics has been launched.

The movement dubbed Strugglers Movement has a main objective which is to end the historical injustices and political innuendos promised to Kenyans by the different political regimes.

Majority of the members of this newly launched outfit are the youth drawn from different cadres.

Julius Owino Majimaji one of the brains behind the movement says that Strugglers Movement mainly targets young people and the marginalized groups always ignored during decision making processes.

“ Let’s be real, in Kenya, we are struggling with corruption, we are struggling with unemployment, we are struggling with the economy, we are struggling with unity… so in short, Kenya is a struggling nation and it must come to an end,” said Majimaji.

According to Majimaji the movement is working to bridge the struggles of Kenyans by 2022.

Ukirudi pande ya siasa, you ca’t save the country from yourself… ;huwezi kuwa unaparticipate kwa land grabbing ya mashule hadi ya mtu binafsi halafu wewe sasa ndiyo untaka kupanga nchi na matittle deed ndiyo watoto wasome, huwezi kuwa damas zimeenda, Arror Kimwarer halafu wewe ndiyo sasa untaka kupanga watu na mambo ya food security…” said Majimaji.

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Equality, freedom, democracy, social justice and strengthened devolution and the rule of law are some of the guiding pillars the pioneers of the movement hope to achieve in the end.

Thirdway Alliance Party Secretary General Fredrick Okango stated that it is about time politicians stopped lying to Kenyans and branding themselves poor while the real Kenyans are struggling.

“This movement has a membership of Kenyans from all walks of life. Strugglers Movement is not about Kenyans who are lying to Kenyans that they are poor while they are not. Our main agenda is to bring peace, unity and economic empowerment,” said Okango

The launch of the movement which happened at Serena Hotel on Sunday saw Kenyans from different diverse backgrounds, political parties and even faiths represented.

Some of the popular young faces present during the launch of the movement include Alinur Mohamed, Brian Weke and activist Moraa among others.

VIDEO OF THE DAY; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CSEdtp3Hb8