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Strugglers Movement US Chapter Launched


Kenyans in the diaspora have launched Strugglers Movement US chapter in Dallas, Texas.

Speaking during launch, members of the Strugglers Movement US Chapter says that they want to help address issues affecting the youth.

“We are so proud of the change that we’re advocating for and it’s why we are here. Opening up opportunities such as creating structures for financial investors,” Said Holden Njoroge Struggler Movement US Chapter Member.

The members also say that they want to encourage the young people to vie for elective seats in the coming elections in order to end the struggle.

“We would like to support our youth in Kenya. We have what it takes as we look forward to the General Elections, we’re encouraging our young people to contest and vie for all positions in the given areas so that we can have better youth representation,” said Edgar Lumbasio Struggler Movement US Chapter Member.


The movement is an initiative founded by Julius Owino Majimaji and other partners in October 24, 2021.

In October 24, 2021 , a group of people who respresent the Struggler’s Movement unveiled a rally for small and medium enterprises ahead of the General Elections.

“We are looking for civic engagements and support  for our youths in order to enhance the capacity of Kenya, to support the youth in leadership skills, in civic duties and elections,” said Dr. Wangondu during the launch of the US Chapter.