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Struggling Conjestina’s Son Pleads For Support


Charlot Ochieng who is a first year student at KCA university and  the only son of former international and troubled  Kenyan Boxer Conjestina Achieng is urging well wishers to help him achieve his education.

Ochieng who has been struggling since he joined KCA to study accounts is relying on bursary and a little support from well wishers to cater for his education.

The former boxing champion’s son who has also taken up boxing as an extra curricular activity says his current biggest challenge is accommodation.

Ochieng says he currently been thrown out of the one roomed house he has rented in Embakasi East following rent arrears.

“My landlord yesterday locked me out of the house i live in due to lack of school fees. I am currently on the streets without food or clothing,” he painfully narrates.

“But i am resilient, i am a fighter just like my mother, hence my appeal to well wishers to help me finish my education and also keep on with my boxing career,” he stated.

Ochieng has been  relying on donations from friends and has been experiencing a lot challenges following his mother’s current poor health in Gem Yala.

Ochieng  will be facing Vincent Ominde during a match of boxing association has been unable to get proper  training after his kits were stolen.

He is now urging well wishers to come on board and help him acquire new kits so that he can prepare for the match.

Maluki Bernard