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Student who was turned away at Starehe admitted at Mang’u


Jack Mbambu Mutuma who was denied entry into Starehe Boys centre over claims his parents were rude, has now been given a chance to join Mang’u High School

The decision by Starehe to deny him the chance to join the school caused uproar with most Kenyans condemning the school for denying the student a chance to study because of his parent’s mistake.

Mbabu scored a total of 417 marks in last year’s KCPE.

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The ministry of education finally came to the boy’s aid after securing him an immediate admission at Mang’u high school.

Imenti South Member of Parliament Kathuri Murungi shared the news saying”we condemn the school for failing to admit the student even after he secured admission via Nemis. There’s absolutely no reason why he should not have been admitted. Investigations should be carried out also the parliamentary committee of Education should follow up on this matter and also invite the director to explain the circumstances that led the school to refuse mutuma an admission.”

Mutuma received his admission letter to join Mang’u High School on Monday morning.