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Students test positive to marijuana, cocaine in Kayole school

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A number of students in a Secondary school in Kayole have turned out positive after being tested for marijuana, cocaine and alcohol.

Kayole South Secondary School Deputy Principal Amos Mwangi says that out of the 1200 students tested for drugs, at least 30 tested positive for some kind of drug.

Mwangi says that they decided to conduct the tests after they noticed some weird behaviours from the students once the schools resumed from the Covid-19 break.

”We noticed some very funny behaviours from the students after the re-opening of schools and so got them tested. Out of the 1,200 students we tested 30 turned out to be positive,” said Mwangi.

The school has however sought the services of an international cousellor and psychologist Susan Gitau to sensitize the students on the dangers of alcohol and marijuana.

“I took them through effects of drug abuse mostly at the early stage that can ruin their future and explained the dangers of abusing the same,” said Gitau.

According to Gitau, the abuse of drugs in schools has highly contributed to the unruly behaviour of students in schools.

She has also urged the government to consider employing professionals in schools to take of children affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


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