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Styling Baba Was The Highlight Of My Career, Linda Jenna


As opposition chief Raila Amollo Odinga also referred to as Baba became the next big thing in music with the release of his first collaborative song ‘Lero Ni Lero’ with Benga maestro Emmanuel Musindi , Make up artist Linda Jenna was all over the moon for styling one of the most powerful men in the land.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Team a fortnight ago ,Linda disclosed that never in her wildest dreams did she see herself styling Baba,She termed the moment as one of a lifetime.

“It was such a good feeling, nimefanyia watu wengi mashuhuri make up, sana sana wasanii lakini kufanyia Baba make up kiukweli hii ni moja kubwa na nina furaha kwamba nilipata hiyo fursa,” she said.

One aspect she also learned from the enigma of kenyan politics was his calmness during the process,before she embarked to unleash her marvel on Baba they had a light chat which helped in lowering her anxiety.

Nilikuwa bado siamini kama ni mimi Baba anasubiri nimfanyie make-up, nilikuwa anxious kiasi lakini alivyoniongelesha kwa utulivu nami nikajihisi niko sawa na tayari kuchapa shugl,i” she stated.

 Self-Taught Stylist

With barely three years into the world of make-up, Linda is a self taught make-up stylist. After falling in love with the trade, she learned the ropes by following tutorials on YouTube.A fast learner,she got the opportunity of working with video director Nezzoh Montana thereafter.

Nilipenda mambo na make-up sana kisha 2019 nikajipea challenge kwamba nataka kuisomea basi nikaingia pale You Tube nikafuatilia lessons kadhaa kiumakini hadi nikawa shupavu huo mwaka mola akawa mwema and i came on board as a makeup stylist working with Nezzoh Montana during video shoots.”

She’s not only reserved for video shoots but also  offers her services during weddings, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies among others.

Her biggest concern is time management, some clients are poor time managers which affects her delivery. In addition, defaulting on payment for services rendered is another limitation, this happened mostly when she was starting out.

The world of make-up is a paying and fulfilling venture,Linda encourages anyone who’d like to join the market to have the willpower and determination for excellence. She has styled the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Redsan, Arrow Bwoy, Susumila, Milly Wa Jesus and Masauti among others.

Her role model is ‘Make Up By Mario’, who styles American TV star Kim Kardashian.Linda’s dream is to set up several make-up Studio’s countrywide.Link up with her on her social media platform Instagram as Linda _jenna.

By Steve Osaka