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Sugar Prices Go Up As  Festive Season Beckons


Kenyans are now worried  over sharp increase of basic commodities such as unga,sugar and rice in the markets.

For the last one week a spot check  conducted by Ghetto radio News reveals  massive increase of sugar prices.

Two Kilograms  of sugar  is now going  for  Ksh. 180  from  Ksh. 105.

Kabras sugar brand  is going for Ksh. 136  shillings in most of the retail shops a move that is hurting Kenyans economically.

‘‘I have been forced to take a sugar break , I use soya instead of sugar because i can not afford it for now ,how do you  explain 25 shillings increase at once,’’ Pipeline resident told  Ghetto Radio News.

A section of Kenyans now wants the government to move with speed and moderate  prices of  basic commodities as we approach the festive season.

Most of the Unga prices  have also gone up by 3-6 shillings depending on the brand.

Pembe is selling at Ksh. 128 from Ksh. 125 ,Ndovu Ksh. 127 with Ksh. 2  increase  while Soko retails at Ksh. 129 having accrued a Ksh. 4  increase.