• Company’s administrator Peter Mukuria says playing loud music against company policy
  • He warns that drivers caught playing music will face disciplinary action

The management of Super Metro Sacco, a commuters bus plying major routes in Nairobi has responded to complaints of loud music allegedly played on buses.

According to an internal memo that surfaced online the company has warned its drivers against playing loud music in their buses, citing numerous complaints from passengers.

Not Our Tradition

In a memo to the drivers, the company’s administrator Peter Kariuki Mukuria stated that playing loud music is against the company’s customer service policy

“Due to increasing complaints to loud music in our fleets, any vehicle and/or reported to be playing loud music on any of our routes will lead to the driver of the bus to be summoned to answer disciplinary case,” the memo read.

“Furthermore, the driver must surrender the flash disk upon arrival at the next stage.”

He further warned that drivers who are found playing loud music in any of their routes will be summoned to answer to disciplinary cases.

To enforce the policy, the company stated that driver who would be flagged for defying the music level policy would be compelled to surrender their flash disks upon arrival at the next stage.

For years , matatus in the major cities have gained the notoriety of playing loud music accompanied by obscene videos with rogue conductors throwing the passengers’ complaints to the air.

Expansion Hits A Dead End

A week ago, the company’s planned expansion of its network to include Kahawa West was met with protests from other Saccos plying that route. Commuters in Kahawa West were left stranded as local matatus held a strike to protest the entry of Super Metro Sacco.

The protests highlight the intense competition in the public transport sector in Nairobi, with many Sacco’s vying for a share of the market.

By Rodgers Oduor

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