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There is some mispeculation in the Kenya football for as why the South African based broadcasting media house decided to terminate its contract of airing Kenya Premier League matches.

Speaking during the launch of Southampton training camp in Nairobi yesterday, Football Kenya Federation CEO Robert Muthomi said that there was no disagreement between FKF and supersport.

While speaking to Ghetto Radio Sports team Kenya Premier League CEO Jack  Oguda said that the termination of the contract was due to business issues because the south African Media has also terminated there contract with the Nigeria league too.

This two statement contradicts the official letter from supersport which states that the reason for them to end the contract is because ,the  Sports Disputes Tribunal’s ruling which recognized Football Kenya Federation as the sole body in charge of football management in the country is one of the reason they terminated the contract.

They added that they feel cheated in the sense that KPL assured them that they (KPL) were the supreme body in football matters in Kenya only to realize that ‘FKF is the body recognized by FIFA’.

AUTHOR : Maluki/field


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