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Support Implementation of CBC, KNUT Tells Education Stakeholders


Kenya National Union of Teachers has hit out at those opposing the induction of Competency Based Curriculum saying that time run out and the focus should be on how to implement the new education model.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News the unions’ deputy Secretary General Hesbon Otieno wants all stakeholders to strengthen the loopholes by supporting the government but not fighting the new system.

“We must now come together as stakeholders and help the government with ideas on how to implement the competency based curriculum…there is no time to return to the older system,” Otieno told Ghetto Radio News on phone.

On the establishment of junior secondary schools KNUT is proposing the utilization of classes and spaces within the primary schools.

In May Grade Six pupils will sit their first inaugural exams under Competency Based Curriculum.

“As we are aware we shall have first exam for Grade Six pupils as they join Junior Secondary Schools….the easiest way to do this is to have them within the school…we have qualified teachers in primary schools who can handle the CBC programs without difficulties,” Otieno said.

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Meanwhile the government has made it clear that it will only develop government schools under new education system.

According to education cabinet secretary George Magoha the government do not have CBC development budget for private institutions.

“As far as the government is concerned, I am the Minister for both public and private and I am asking all those private schools who feel they must take part in this Junior Secondary to create standalone Junior secondary schools in their primary schools or they can do exactly what we are doing in our secondary schools, but at their own cost,” said Magoha.

“If you want free primary school, come to us, we have the capacity and teachers. If you want day secondary school, which is also absolutely free, come to government because it is paying for everything,’’ he added.