In Summary

  • Supporting Needy Women in the informal settlement.
  • The program has been boosting women businesses since 2020.
  • Creation of saving groups for business owners to acquire loans.

It was a bright Wednesday morning for women operating small businesses in Mukuru, Machakos and Mathare as they received financial aid to boost their businesses,

A total of one hundred women who were shortlisted  after a vigorous process received each a ten thousand Kenya shilling cheque which will help expand their small and medium enterprises.

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The Overall Project

Coalition for grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya together in partnership with A Thousand Current set up the support project in 2020 at the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

At the time women operating small businesses in the informal settlements were grappling with serious losses with some at the verge of closing down.

At the onset of the program they supported at least forty six women  with the number growing to at least one hundred as of March 20th 2024.

Why Club 1824 Has Been closed

Financial Literacy

In an interview with Ghetto Radio’s Judith Kanaiya , Evalyne Ados Auma who is the program officer working with the Coalition For Grassroots Human Rights Defenders  says they train the beneficiaries on financial literacy which includes record keeping

‘’Tumekuwa tukitrain na ku monitor wanawake tisa ambao wamegrow biashara zao na wakaanza pia kupeana loans amongst themselves ‘’

Additionally she says some are starting up businesses while others are boosting their already existing enterprise.

Nicole Adhiambo hailing from Mukuru one of the beneficiaries says she will be in a position to boost her Milk business

‘’Hio thao kumi wamenisaidia sana nitanunua freezer niweze ku preserve maziwa na itanisaidia sana kwa biz

Women-owned businesses are essential not only for their economic impact but also for the values they embody.

Women tend to prioritize social responsibility, community involvement, and diversity in their businesses, which can lead to a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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