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  • The video was re-shared on X famously twitter
  • Nyako opened up on what caused the demise of four members of her family.

Famous Tik Toker Nyako surprised many Kenyans today this is after she went live on her Tiktok page with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

This move left social media users surprised and shocked as they did not expect seeing Odinga on Tiktok.

“This is Baba talking to you people,I have here a lady who has come from Germany who tells me that she is a TikTok champion and that I need to talk to the audience on TikTok I love TikTok and I love you people,” Raila said.

“I am very happy to make you acquaintances. I hope that we can walk together and together we shall succeed. We shall overcome. Aluta continua,” he added

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During the live stream, Odinga was seen dressed in a navy blue shirt, addressing TikTok users.

The video of their live session quickly made its way onto multiple social media platforms, including the renowned Twitter, where it garnered significant attention and discussion.

The live stream appeared to be done at Odinga’s residence, where Nyako, known for her engaging content, turned her camera towards Baba.

Nyako’s Parents and Sisters Died of Aids

Earlier on, Nyako revealed some personal news that four members of her family, including both her parents and sisters, had tragically lost their lives to HIV/AIDS.

“I am chilling with my mum, I like sitting here because it is my mum I love the most, namfeel sana she left so early she should have stayed a bit. I never shared any moment with my mum, I was raised in a boarding school my whole life and when I finished she was dead so I don’t have any special memory of my mother yeah that is how it is, “she said while in a graveyard

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“Both my parents died of HIV/ AIDS and both my two sisters died of HIV/AIDS yeah those days hakukuwa na dawa. One of my sisters died when she was only one the virus was too much for her she died a painful death.”


November 2, 2023

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