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Survival Tactics Of Underground Stars


Survival Tactics Of Underground Stars

Before an underground artist breaks into the mainstream market where the big money lies, one has to incalculate the best practices that helps him or her stay afloat while waiting for their big break.

To delve more on this subject,we had a chart with some fast rising musical star’s who shared their life hacks.

Viddyman Kenya

The self proclaimed Street Luo Dancehall King is a business oriented person.

Apart from running a second hand cloth venture,he’s also a mechanic at a city garage,if you think that’s enough you’re totally wrong,Viddyman further supplements his earnings by selling seedlings from his tree nursery in the village.

He says he has to be thrifty as money is hard to come by,he budgets before spending and goes for trendy and affordable clothing,He’s also a teetoetaller- no blowing money on booze huh!

“Ni vigumu kutegemea hustle moja lazima uwe na njia kadhaa za kumake chapaa” Stated Viddyman

His songs include Tich Wati Atiya, Pod Apek and Be Humbe among others.

Rish Mizuka

The mellow voiced singer and rapper has kept himself busy by also engaging in several money minting activities.

He runs a barbershop,sells customized bracelets which he crafts by himself,he’s also into real estate management.An ardent composer Rish Mizuka ghost writes music for a fee.

“awali nilidhani maisha Nairobi ni rahisi lakini nikapata vitu kwa ground ni different” he lamented.

Rish Mizuka is behind songs like Jiachie,Mama Mia and Unaweza among others.

Nick O’sam KE

The urban trap bae describes himself as a jack of all trades and a master of all, when not performing or recording music he frequents construction sites from where he undertakes plumbing and electrical installation works.

“Mjengo hits different when you become your own boss yani inafika point unajikasirikia hadi unajiongeza mshahara mwenyewe, huku Kasarani wananiita plumber Nicholas Kamau money is the only language” he wrote in one of his social media postings.

Some of Nick O’sam’s jams are Fisi Gang, Osiepe and Perepere ft Vioxii Dede just to mention but a few.

What other ways can an artist use to navigate this ever changing world. Feel free to share in the commentary.

By Steve Osaka


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