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Survivor of 6 gunshot wounds at Garissa Attack addresses Uhuru Kenyatta

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Six bullet wounds didnt break his will but an everyday struggle to survive might,and that is why Peter Juan a survivor from the Garissa attack is appealing to the president for medical help. Through the Ghetto Radio morning show #Brekko Juan relived his ordeal. We here by write this open letter to the President hoping he will restore Juan’s dignity.



Dear Mr. President,

We the Ghetto Radio Family have been having a campaign in efforts to Counter Violence Extremism. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide that safe haven for this delicate conversation to take place in a bid to find solutions. Many youth have opened up and have shown willingness to help in this menace. It is in these interactions that we met Peter Juan, a 27 year old survivor of the Garissa Attack  that left 147 kenyans dead. We read your statement to the Nation Sir and that is why we introduce you to Peter Juan hoping you will be that straw he’s looking to clutch on.

Peter Juan was a second year student at that time and was also running a bakery business to sustain himself. His life was perfect and on track until the attack that changed his life. He was shot six times and even though time might promise to slowly kiss the memories of the horrendous incident away, the scars on his body will remain a constant reminder of how he cheated death.

He is yet to resume school even after his fellow comrades went back in January because he cannot raise the fee but that is the least of his worries at this moment. His biggest headache is how to raise funds for surgery on his shoulder that requires a metal plate. His shoulder was rendered helpless after one of the bullets shattered his bone. He says pain has become part of his life yet he cannot even afford pain killers. He approached his area MP John Ndirangu who he says turned him away.

He also raises a legitimate question on why terror attacks are classified under the ‘Natural Calamities Act’. Terrorism is a Security issue, how then will we be able to Counter terrorism, Youth radicalisation and Violent Extremism if we cannot call it out for what it is. For David to slay Goliath, he had to call him out for what he was, an uncircumcised philistine and there in declaration he had won the battle even before swinging the sling.  Terrorism is an act of cowardliness and we can only beat it by coming out mightier, having an honest and open interaction without fear.

There is so much we can say Mr.President, but only Peter Juan can capture it as it is. His zest for life is humbling , We celebrate his courage and appeal to you to please help Juan. Be his president, restore his faith as a citizen of this country and most especially as a youth. We at Ghetto Radio have played our part, we have chosen to be the voice for Peter Juan, we now ask you to be the people’s president and grant him the elusive Justice that he so much desires.


Ghetto Radio Family







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