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Suspect caught stealing supplies from Kijiji fire victims


A vehicle was last night apprehended after its occupant was caught stealing food supplies and property meant for the Kijiji fire victims camping at Ngei Primary School.

National Disaster Management spokesman Pius Masai says the suspect who is believed to be one of the victims however escaped leaving the supplies in the car.

Masai says the vehicle which had over 11 bags of rice was towed to the Langata Police Station for safe custody of the supplies.

“The suspect is being traced by the Police. The name of the suspects is withheld for the purpose of investigations,” said Masai.

The victims however claim the camp managers have been stealing supplies from them leaving them with little or nothing at all.

So far on 1,500 structures have been constructed ahead of Wednesday’s deadline for the fire victims to leave Ngei Primary School.

The Kijiji fire victims say they are yet in an exercise that started officially over the weekend.

Masai says the construction is being done with the help of Kijiji residents, National building inspectorate department and Nairobi City County.

The team is to ensure that access to the Village is well planned to allow roads and free movement of vehicles and people.

Meanwhile over 5000 families are still in Ngei primary camp as they await the completion of the whole process.