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Suspect in Former Garissa County Minister shooting died of Hanging

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David Mwai,the man accused of shooting former Garissa County minister Idriss Mukhtar died of hanging, according to an autopsy report.

Garissa Governor Ali Korane was arrested and grilled at the Nairobi Police Area Headquarters following the incident.

Government pathologist Dr. Sylvester Maingi, who carried out the postmortem on the body of David Mwai on Monday said that the accused, who was in a police cell killed himself using the nylon lining of his jacket.

“The only injuries we found were two ligature marks on the neck, one of them being from his jacket lining, it was 80cm long.The other ligature is of the new packaging bags such as that of the supermarket bags. This was 48cm long and had not made a mark on his neck. We can confirm that David died from a ligature to his neck from the nylon lining of his jacket.” He said

The pathologist however added that the autopsy results are not a determining factor whether Mwai killed himself or was killed.

“We have not concluded on manner of death, whether it was suicide or homicide, that is the duty of investigators, the autopsy findings are that David does not have injuries to suggest anybody was involved in his death.”he added

Mwai died last week while in a holding cell at parklands police station.


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