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Suspected thug given second chance by Hessy starts new hustle

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A reformed thug who was reportedly given a second chance by crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora has started a small business in Korogocho.

Samson Simiyu popularly known as Bakari Kante was in August warned by Hessy and his squad after he was allegedly singled out as a criminal with the habit of breaking into people’s houses.

Kante who is currently selling cabbages and potatoes was allegedly breaking into houses in Huruma and Korokocho before moving to Lucky Summer area.

Hessy’s squad member Saigon Punisher in the August warning had stated that he was going to hunt down Kante and kill him.

“Bakari- Kante, mwizi sugu wa koto, after kujua nikumoto alihama from Koch to Huruma and he’s back now, tabia ni zile zile church n house breakings from Ngomongo to lucky summer, apokee ujumbe he escaped last tme but this time round kante you won’t escape, it’s either you reform or we shall deform you; mkae chonjo sana from Lucky Summer Bridge hadi lucky chini mkiona hii sana,” wrote Saigon.

But a few months later Kante has resurfaced however this time with a different message of reforming.

In a Facebook Post Kante thanked Hessy for giving him a second chance stating that he had started his hustle, though not doing very well, but he was glad to have it.

“Essy cjui kama mtanikumbuka, mimi ni ule boy mlipea chance na nikakubali kuchange so thanks sana kwa wale wote walinitetea na kunipea support…. Bytha naendelea poa but ckopoa vile…..” he wrote on Facebook.


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