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Suspected Thug killed in Nairobi’s Umoja Three area

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A suspected thug was killed by civilians in Umoja three area on Friday morning.

The young man is said to have been in the company of another man when whom he was working with.

An eye witness reports that the unidentified man had snatched a mobile phone from a civilian on foot and attempted to escape on a motor bike.

“They were on a motor bike when they snatched someone’s phone and attempted to take off but there was a man who was driving by and saw them. He blocked the road and the public managed to get a hold of them” said the eye witness

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A crowd descended on the two killing one of them on the sport while his friend was saved by the police who arrived at the scene.

The irate crowd was baying for the man’s blood and asked the police to release him so that they could ‘deal’ with him.

The man who was saved was taken to Buru Buru police station.

The body had not yet been moved By the time of going to press.