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Suspected thug shot dead in Mathare


A suspected thug was on Sunday shot dead by police in Nigeria area in Mathare Constituency.

Police say that the suspect in the company of two others on a motorbike snatched a phone from a motorist at around 12pm.

Starehe OCPD Julius Kirago says that officers conducting patrol in the area challenged the suspect to surrender but he did not.

Kirago says that the suspect instead reached for a gun in his pocket upon which he was shot dead.

“The three suspects were on a motorbike. One of them alighted from the motorbike and snatched a phone from a motorbike and tried to escape. Luckily there was a police officer in that area who saw the incident,” narrated Kiragu.

“The challenged him to stop but he did not and reached for his pocket to pick a gun. The police officers then shot him since they could not take any chance following the many incidents in the area,” he stated.

Police recovered a homemade gun and two bullets from the suspect. His two other colleagues managed to escape.

“We recovered a homemade gun. And this in not what you call bonoko, it is a gun that is capable of firing because we also recovered two bullets,” said Kiragu.