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Suspected Thug Shot Dead in Ruaraka Constituency

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A suspected thug was on Thursday night shot dead at Utalii College in Ruaraka Constituency by police officers who were pursuing a stolen lorry.

Three of his accomplices escaped the police net and disappeared into the vast Mathare slums.

Police say the suspects who reportedly stole a lorry from Utawala area defied order from police to stop and even attempting to run over the police vehicle.

It is after the defiance of the police order that an exchange of fire ensued.

“The Detectives who had intelligence that the vehicle was stolen, stopped it but the driver defied the ORDER and even tried to run over the police vehicle.The suspects then drove off with officers on hot pursuit. An exchange of fire ensued at Utalii College &the man was fatally shot,” said the police.

Police recovered a Ceska Pistol with rounds of ammunition.



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