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Suspected Thugs Saved From Mob By Fellow Thugs


Two suspected thugs escaped death by a whisker on Saturday after they were saved from an angry mob in Mathare.

The two suspects allegedly stabbed a boy to death in Kosovo area, Mathare.

The boy was allegedly on his way home when the thugs accosted him and stabbed him to death near the bridge.

A mob immediately caught up with them after an alert by an eyewitness and started reigning blows on them.

They were later saved by fellow thugs who shot in the air to scare off the mob.

“The thugs shot in the air, dispersed the mob but drew the attention of the police. But the good thing now is that we now them and we will be on their radar,” said the witness.

The two are reportedly members of a gang that is terrorizing Mathare residents especially at night.