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  • Suspects go without food in City Hall Courts.
  • City hall Judiciary lock horns over City Courts.

City Hall Courts have been marred with massive confusion, resulting in suspects being detained at the cells for more than the required time without being arraigned in court for the better part of Monday.

The confusion was followed by a letter from the Chief magistrate designated to preside over City Court cases.

The letter demanded that all suspects arrested to be arraigned at Milimani law courts not City Hall as it has been the norm.

The confusion left suspects detained more than time required in City Hall cells with some arrested over the weekend even going two days with food.

Those in cells accused the court and City Hall for frustrating them and going against their fundamental rights as captured in Article 50 and 51 of the constitution.

Some have gone three days without food.

“I was arrested on Friday for loitering in town detained in Kamkumji police station and was later brought to City Court to face the charges it is 4pm and nothing seems to be going on. I think this is now against our right and something should be done forthwith.” One of those detained in Cells told Ghetto Radio News.

“Nilishikwa nikiwa nafanya kazi na nilikua nimetumwa na boss kununua credit on sato wakanishika Mimi ni mtu wa kubeba parcel Country Bus nimeletwa kutoka Kamkunji Police Station nikiletwa Cityhall mpaka saa hii hakuna mambo na koti..sisi tunataka haki zetu Mimi bado sijui ni nini inaendelea.” Samue Musungu told Ghetto Radio News.

City Hall Position

Meanwhile the Nairobi County Acting Attorney Christine   Ireri has blamed the Judiciary for the mess saying they didn’t make an informed decision. She says the efforts being made to remove City Hall Courts are premature and need further consultations as was advised earlier by Council of Governors.

“My office got communication on 22 of September that the pleas will be taken at Milimani we questioned this and till now no response from Judiciary. We came to learn on a notice from court registry on Friday last week over the same so there was no proper communication. We have briefed the governor, and the matter is being handled.” Ireri told the media.

 Judiciary Action

According to the Milimani Court registry all pleas to be taken at Milimani law Court No.13.

“All Nairobi Pleas will now be Registered at Milimani Law Court Registry….The County Pleas will be taken in court Milimani Law Courts.” The notice reads in part.







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