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‘Susumila Aliniroga!’ claims coast artist

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By Magi Akinyi

Coast based musician Yusuf Kombo, aka Susumila, is facing witchcraft allegations, again.

Susumila, who has been accused of practicing witchcraft before, and even took advantage of the rumors to create ‘Wachawi International’ is on the spot again and his accuser is also a Mombasa based artist who goes by the name ‘Dizoboy Classic.’

In a social media post, Dizoboy, whose profile picture is of him and Susumila, claims that the ‘ngoma itambae’ artist bewitched him after having an online disagreement.

Hii ni story ya kweli imenitokea mimi kama Dizoboy classic najua wengi mtasema natafuta kiki ila naongea ukweli kutoka moyoni mwangu. Kuna issue ngumu ilitokea katika maswala ya mitandao na bro Susumila akaona ni bora aniroge tu na hili swala limejitokeza baada ya hio issue itokee,” said Dizoboy Classic.

“This is a true story that happened to me. I know many will say that I am clout chasing but I’m speaking the truth from the heart. There was an online issue and my brother Susumila just thought it was better to bewitch me.”

The artist claims he has even consulted several Sheikhs to no avail.

He alleges that Susumila bewitched him so that he can finish him off musically, his being and even spirit

Napitia wakati mgumu ujumbe huu nahitaji umfikie anitoe aliponiweka maana naona mapichapicha mazingazi na maajabu kila siku silali ndoto za ajabu kuna nyanyake ananijia usiku akinihoji maswali ya kichawi Bro Susumila please kanitoe,” the post reads.

“I am going through a hard time. I need this message to reach Susumila so he can get me out of the spell that he has cast. I can’t sleep at night; I am having nightmares.”

Dizoboy Classic wants Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho to intervene and get him out of this predicament.

Naomba mashabiki pamoja na wasanii mnisaidie ujumbe umfikie plz Mimi nataabika Sanaa mwenzenu naona maajabu sijawahi ona jinni ila leo hii naliona hii si kawaida,” he said.

“I am appealing to the fans and other artists to help me. I am really suffering. I have never seen a ghost/gene but today I am, it is not normal.”

This is not the first time Susumila is being accused of such practices, in 2015, another Coast based artist Chikuzee, claimed that the ‘hidaya’ singer practiced witchcraft to ward off competition in the coast music industry.

Susumila however turned the witchcraft claims into a movement called Wachawi International.


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