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Suzanna Owiyo also exposes Wendy Waeni’s former Manager for duping her


Veteran singer Suzanna Owiyo has joined a list of Kenyans who exposed gymnast Wendy Waeni’s former manager Joe Mwangi for trying to dupe them.

According to Owiyo she thought she was in contact with Wendy after someone reached out to her asking her to fund Wendy’s foundation in Huruma.

In a series of screenshots Owiyo shared online, it looks like the conversations started way before Wendy did her KCPE exams.

“So unfortunate. All along i thought i was in communication with wendy kumbe it was #joemwangi i did get the request to support her foundation project,” she posted

In one text message Owiyo also received a text alleging that Wendy’s 13th birthday is coming up and she should send a cake.

Owiyo’s response comes moments after ODM’s Secretary General Edwin Sifuna also exposed the rogue manager, saying he tried to con him too.

“I don’t know about child trafficking but one time wendy came to orange house and we cut a cheque for her foundation to buy some play stuff. Weeks later Joe Mwangi came asking us to change it and write the cheque in his name. I canceled the whole thing.” he said

Other Kenyans also exposed Mwangi for alledgedly asking her for ksh.20K in order to get them jobs at UN.

In the screenshots shared online, Mwangi asks the people to send between 20k to 30k promising to get them well-paying jobs at the United Nations.

“There’s good jobs here, starting salary UN is 145k, Transport they pick and drop you, but huku lazima pesa kwa mkono kupata job.” reads part of the texts

As the conversation continues, Joe also alleges that he is friends with one of the UN bosses and getting the jobs won’t be such a hustle.

Joe Mwangi has since rubbished the allegations stating that someone coached Wendy to lie about him on air.

He went on to say that he never traveled with Wendy for any trip at the same time rubbishing allegations that Wendy was never paid.

“On the video, it has been said that I (Joe) has traveled all over the world with Wendy,
FACT : I have NEVER, NEVER EVER left this country in the company of Wendy Waeni.
Anybody with any proof that I flew out any given time with her, put it here,

Its alleged that for more than 5 yrs Wendy has never received a penny I mean….which parent in this World will allow his/her kid to be misused for not 1 month, not 1 year,but 5 years..?????” he said

Check out the photos below.