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Suzzana Owiyo Attacks A Tweep Ruthlessly Over IEBC Raw (Pic)

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suzanna-owiyo_r_2x.350x350The IEBC raw scandal has not only affected political alliances but has also slowly and silently creeped in into the entertainment industry focusing on some artistes based on their ethnic group origin.

Amongst those seriously affected by this political indifference scandal that has almost robbed us our peaceful country state in the recent past is Suzanna Owiyo.

The veteran Afro fuse artiste was forced to vomit bitter words to a tweep after the latter rudely asked her to record a song about IEBC protesters’ looting and hooliganism. To add salt on the insult the tweep referred to Raila as Suzanna’s “god” further claiming that the song would make her famous  amongst her people.

In an unforseen retaliation, Suzanna hit back at the tweep rather more ruthlessly stating that she would instead record a song to fix the tweep’s grown up a**hole.

The tweep, going by the name @Munyuasimo (SYMO) was forced to swallow a bitter pill and hasn’t been heard since then.

Check out the screenshot below;Suzanna_Owiyo


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