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  • T.I.D on the nerves of netizens yet again.
  • The Zeze singer angrily stormed out of an interview following his usual ”microphone distance” and an Amapiano debate.
  • Recently, T.I.D broke the internet with his “Who Is This Guy” challenge after a bodaboda rider passed by during one of his interview’s.

Veteran Bongo flava star T.I.D is on the nerves of netizens yet again over his usual ‘microphone distance’ gimmick. However, this time round T.I.D trades barbs on his host before angrily ending the interview prematurely following a heated Amapiano debate.

In the new video doing rounds on social media, The Zeze singer is captured engaged in an interview as his host who looks much younger compared to T.I.D tries to get as much information from him the best way he can.

However, not long into the interview does T.I.D pull-out his now usual ‘microphone distance’ gimmick.

He complains that the microphone is placed closer to him making him uncomfortable.

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Even before his host does what he wants, he is met with a mockery as T.I.D terms his sunglasses low-budget.

Remember, T.I.D is also donning sunglasses which looks different from his host’s.

In spite of the mockery, the interviewer keeps his cool not wanting to spoil the moment.

“Are you losing confidence…Cheki miwani yako kama chura, I hate your glasses kama unachomea maghetto” partly fires T.I.D



Heated Amapiano Debate

In the few minutes that followed, Amapiano debate emerges as T.I.D falls out with his host over his inclining to the Amapiano sound at the expense of the local sound.

“What about South Africans adopt Kenyan sound and give it a lot of airtime who will be benefitting, Kenyans or South Africans?” asks T.I.D

“Off course tutakuwa tuna benefit sisi” replies the host partly.

“How…You see that’s the problem, you’re supporting Amapiano…This interview is over because wewe ni fala” T.I.D scoffs partly.

While reacting to T.I.D’s latest gimmick, netizens have termed him a nuisance. However, for storming out out of the interview others have leaned towards him for supporting homegrown sound.

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Recently, T.I.D broke the internet with his “Who Is This Guy” challenge after a bodaboda rider passed by during one of his street interview’s.





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