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Tables Turned!! Famous Socialite Now Sponsoring A Homeless Mzungu


sponsThe story of a fast rising socialite by the name Lisa Martinez is somehow strange.

Lisa rose to fame from no where. She went viral after a video of herself bathing in bathtub full of Money. Kenyan notes in this case. It later emerged that the lady in her early 20’s is filthy rich. She actually makes Vera and Huddah look like jokers. She owns convertibles, not one but a number.

Details on where and how she got all this money are still scanty.

Now, Lisa is a rare one. Instead of being sponsored, she does the sponsoring.

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This was evident when she decided to pay the hospital bill and flight to Germany for a homeless Mzungu found at Ukunda. Frank ended up being a beggar after a previous lover ran off with all his fortune leaving him with NOTHING and HOMELESS!!

Lisa came through when Frank (the Mzungu) was admitted after allegedly going mad. After recovery, Frank was held at the hospital for failing to clear his bills.

After offering to sponsor Frank, Lisa went all screams to announce her good deeds on Instagram!!! You must be kidding woman! What happened to “Tenda Wema Nenda Zako?”

Anyway, check her out;