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Otile Brown Picks New Beef With Bahati

Singer Otile Brown has come out to diss Bahati’s vocals in his new song leaving many wondering whether there is some new beef brewing between the two.  Otile  says the song is nothing but a bunch of trash with bad lyrics and to top it up…

Bahati Hits At Willy Paul Yet Again

Willy Paul and Bahati are renowned householdsnames thanks to their rags to riches exaltation through their not-so-gospel 'gospel music ministry' that has seen them hit airwaves with one hit after another, awards streaming in not to…

Why Bahati Went Missing For Three Weeks

Bahati and Willy Paul have had a better share of their unending beef with each accusing the other of 1,2,3. So now after even dragging their fans into their ugly and immature disagreement and misunderstandings,we can now learn who was…

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