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Takataka singer Alvindo drops new song and fans are not impressed


‘Takataka’ hit singer Alvindo is once again making headlines but this time it has everything to do with his latest single dubbed ‘Kunguni’

The song’s official audio was uploaded on youtube four days ago and unlike his Taka Taka song with garnered over 100k views in hours, Kunguni is still stuck at 41k views.

Fast Cash Music C.E.O KRG the Don however argues that they had to keep fans entertained after their previous song was banned by KFCB.

“After #TakaTaka was banned we had to keep our fans entertained with something unique…………. Alvindo has a creative mind that thinks the opposite of an ordinary youth…” said KRG

Alvindo’s Kunguni is a song that basically speaks about cockroaches and bedbugs and how they are always interested in biting him.

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A section of Alvindo’s fans were however not impressed with the song with some telling him it is time to disappear from the music scene.

Here are some of the comments;

“Producer :how sweet do you want to be in the whole song Alvindo:yes”

“bruh wewe ulikuwa tu kama meme…inakuja ka imepotea, it’s your time to disappear now….what type of nanzes is this”

“Bro make use of your fame.. Mende haiumi”

“comments ni kali kuliko ngoma wenyewe”

“Hii ujinga ndo labda ilifanya akataliwe na dame wake”