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  • Mystery of Embakasi, Pipeline Jinni!
  • Mission Care Nursing Home situated in Embakasi, Pipeline has denied admitting the alleged child wounded by a jinni.
  • Jini’s, Genies or Djiinns are supernatural creatures believed to have the ability of commanding their wish on humanity. 

For the past days residents of Embakasi, Pipeline have been living in fear with allegations of a Jinni wounding a toddler while strapped on her mothers back. It is said that passers-by notified the infants mother scaring off the monster before rushing the child to the hospital.

During my walk in Embakasi to establish the truth, I found the whole noise barely everywhere.

At first, I approached a fruit seller near the Railway Line at the busy highway, she gave me the whole story of a Jinni being sighted.

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However, when I reached out for my recorder, she backed off. She then sent me to another lady who was hawking maize.

“Enda kwa yule ndio anajua vizuri” she directed me.

I soon landed on the maize sellers feet smiling ear to ear while telling her my mission. She also confirmed hearing the whole Jinni attack but didn’t agree being voiced. I was referred once again but this time round to a man, a bodaboda rider who agreed to be voiced and confirmed hearing the same.

“Mimi naitwa Meshack Okemwa ni mwana bodaboda mimi ni mkaaji wa Pipeline. hakika kuna jangwa tunasikia ambayo si mzuri kuhusu kitu inakunywa watu damu, leo asubuhi nikiamka kuja kazi kama kawaida nimesikia ya kwamba kuna mtoto apa ndani anakaa majini hivi amekunywa mtoto mwingine damu, mtoto yule akiwa amebebwa na mama yake kwa mgongo” he narrated partly.

According to Okemwa, residents were living in fear with school going kids being kept away from the classrooms.

Mission Care Nursing Home Denies Admitting Patient

When I got to Mission Care Nursing Home, the sun was already setting. Here is where I had gathered information during my interactions that the said baby was admitted.

Earlier in the day, a heavy commotion had been witnessed at the facility in determining the truth.

The facility’s manager, Mr. Nelson agreed to witnessing the same chaos while affirming that the police visited and ascertained that that was purely an unfounded story.

“Hiyo ni hakikisho letu kutoka kikundi cha uongozi wa Mission Care na sisi tunafanya kazi jambo hilo la jini na allegation ya kusema ya kwamba kuna mtu ameletwa hapa hamna kabisa” he stated partly.

He further shared his dedication to tending to the densely populated estate, this is also evident by the look on the filled waiting bay.

Jinni’s, Genies or Djinns are supernatural creatures believed to have the ability of commanding their wish on humanity.

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While growing up, I had this story of a guy who picked a woman and when they were in bed. The lady stretched her feet which elongated magically switching off the lights with the man taking off in fear.

Tell me your story about Jinni’s that you’ve heard in the comment section.






February 22, 2024

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