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Tanasha Donna in bitter exchange with Diamond’s BFF, calls him gay


Tanasha Donna was this past weekend involved in a bitter exchange with her ex Diamond Platnumz’s bff, Juma Lokole.

The exchange started after Lokole called out Tanasha in a live interview claiming that Tanasha was lazy in bed.

“Diamond was ready to marry Tanasha but she was always talking about love. There is no love in marriage. You just need to let your waist work and entertain your man. She was lazy in bed and always sitting with her nails looking like a zombie,” said Lokole.

Tanasha fired back shots telling Lokole to try her and confirm if she is lazy.

“Lazy! but why don’t you try me to confirm if this is true, how many seconds will you last though?” she said

She further confirmed that Lokole is gay, something that has been subject to speculation for a while now.

“Oh wait, I forgot you don’t do women, So I guess you’ll never know.” She added

In a separate post, Tanasha fired salvos at Lokole saying that he knows nothing about her life.

“It’s sad how people have negative things to stay when they know absolutely NOTHING about you. Remember gossip is shared by the misinformed who always sound like fools, while creating ongoing drama & disorder, Translate that GIIIRL” she added

Lokole then cautioned her to quit beefing with her claiming that he will continue to spill more tea about her.