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Tanasha Donna Makes U-turn says Diamond is not a deadbeat dad

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Songstress Tanasha Donna has made a U-turn and now claims Diamond is not a deadbeat father.

Speaking in a recent interview with Rick Media, Tanasha said the WCB C.E.O has been making an effort in their son’s upbringing.

She further went on to say that she is proud of the effort Diamond is making.

“He is paying for his education right now, taking care of him and making an effort. I like what he is doing to his kids. He’s making an effort to be there for them and I’m proud of him.” she said

Addressing her failed relationship with Diamond, Tanasha said ‘Things just didn’t go well’

“Everyone always has their own plans in relationships and no one wants to be in a relationship knowing they gonna break up. but at times things go well.” She added

She had earlier said that Diamond is not supporting his son but insisted that she is very capable of raising the boy alone.

“I have been doing it all on my own, to be honest, I will be 100% honest with you. I’m very real and am not gonna say something that is not the case, given all the respect I have for him. He is not supporting; am doing it on my own and I don’t need his support, to be honest,” she said during an interview on Bonga na Jalas


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