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Tanasha Donna reveals details of her recent break Up

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Tanasha Donna spent the whole of Saturday teasing her fans with an upcoming Insta live video that she promised would share details of her break up.

Fans thronged the Insta live session at hoping to finally get her side of what transpired between her and Diamond Platnumz.

However Tanasha did not give fans the details they had camped on her Instagram page hoping to get.

The mother of one who was at some sort of party instead said that she could not talk about her split from Diamond because it’s too personal.

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“I know a lot of your guys wanna know about what went down in my relationship and my personal life. This is not something I’m ready to come out within public just as yet. It’s something very personal and everybody as their own timing of coming out with their own stories, so I’m not here to talk about what happened in my previous relationship “said Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha, however, promised that she would spill the tea when the time is right.

“It’s never easy to deal with a break-up but am focusing on what matters the most, but I’m grateful all is well. But will talk about when the right time comes because everyone has her way of handling things. When I’m ready I will talk about it. And in the next few weeks, I will tell a bit of my story in a magazine that I’m on the cover because I see everybody want to know what happened” she added

Her statement comes just weeks after Diamond also refused to reveal what happened after being quizzed by a fan.

The Bongo crooner simply responded saying that the details will remain private because it’s his personal life.