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Tanasha Donna’s Official YouTube Account Suspended


Tanasha Donna’s official YouTube channel has been suspended.

The channel which had more than 200,000 subscribers has been taken down by YouTube after someone tried to hack it.

“This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated,” stated a YouTube notification.

The Gere singer who confirmed the suspension says that YouTube is currently working on getting it back up.

“We are working on getting back my YouTube ASAP.Someone tried to hack it so YouTube suspended the channel however it is being resolved as we speak” she said on her Instagram story.

All her songs on the official YouTube page are currently not available.

YouTube is known for their strict rules and policies especially when something unusual happens on the owner’s YouTube channel.

Tanasha Donna’s fans are currently on their toes and have their fingers crossed as they wait for the channel to be brought back up.


By Monica Wambui