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Tanzania Doctors Reject Kenyan Offer

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Doctors from Tanzania have said that they will reject the offer from the Kenyan government to replace the striking doctors who are facing a sack threat.

The doctors led by Dr. Benedict Lugiye say accepting the offer will be a total disgrace towards the medical fraternity.

“Brothers and sisters in Kenya, I Dr Benedict Lugiye from Tanzania, I solemnly tell you that there’s no genuine Tanzanian doctor who will run for that offer because it’s a total disgrace towards medical fraternity,” he said.

Lugiye says they are instead proud of what the Kenyan doctors are fighting for in order to restore dignity in the healthcare system.

“Keep moving forward, we are in this together,” he said

According to Lugiye, doctors from Tanzania are instead considering hiring the KMPDU team to mastermind the same strike in Tanzania.

Th e council of governors this week stated that they will employ doctors from Uganda and Tanzania to replace the striking ones.



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