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Tanzanian activist leaks Zari Hassan’s sex tape online


Zari Hassan’s arch enemy U.K based Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi served netizen’s drama after releasing Zari’s sex tape online.

The two have always been at each other’s neck and at one point Mange claimed Zari’s son Nillan is the Late Ivan’s son.

Through several Instagram accounts, Mange Kimambi leaked a certain sex tape Zari Hassan recorded with one of her exes.

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The video was quickly pulled down by Instagram but not before netizens took screenshots of it.

Zari and Mange have been throwing words at each other for sometime not even though the cause of their heated argument is only known to them.

Earlier on Diamond’s current girlfriend Tanasha Donna had been accused of leaking the video but she denied the allegations.

“All of a sudden some nonsense is going round that I hacked someone’s account? People be too much, I swear. I can’t even change my profile to private leave alone hack an entire account. I wish my IT skills were that high tbh,The fake beef they imagining in their heads don’t exist. You on your own fam.” She said