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Tanzanian Actress Shilole exposes abusive Husband


Tanzanian actress  Zena Yusuf Mohammed popularly known as Shilole has revealed that her husband has been very abusive.

In a post shared on social media on Wednesday, Shilole shared a photo of her bruised face revealing that her husband Ashrafu Sadiki aka Uchebe has been physically beating her.

According to Shishi the abuse has been going on for a while now and she has decided to walk away.

“Mimi ni kioo cha jamii, tena sura kubwa ya wanawake. Leo numeona nivunje ukimya kwa kuweka wazi kwamba MUME WANGU ASHRAFU SADIKI, maarufu kama UCHEBE AMEKUWA ANANIPIGA SAAANA, na tena hata baada ya kunipiga hajali kupiga simu wala kujua naendeleaje, nauguzwa na watu baki hospitali, na bado manyanyaso mengine yanayoikosesha hii ninayoiita Ndoa uhai na furaha na zaidi nina WATOTO, watoto wanaoniangalia kama Baba na Mama, leo nikubali kufa na kuacha wanangu barabarani, SITAWEZA. Nimefika mwisho, na kuanzia sasa naomba nisitambulike kama Mke wa Uchebe, ila Mama alieamua kuweka maslahi ya watoto wake mbele na kuamua kuwa mwenyewe kwa usalama na furaha yake,”  she said

Her post prompted controversial singer Akothee to speak up.

Akothee who empathized with Shishi went on to say that she hopes the actress will walk away from the abusive marriage.

“No woman should go through this kind of humiliation, it’s not that we are weak and can’t fight back , it’s the respect and love that we have for you that brings submission, every woman in love will do everything to keep her marriage going even when you date an imbecile ?, No one wants to live alone. it’s very lonely up there ,it’s even worse as a celebrity. This kind of action of uproting women’s eyes and beating them like snakes is only done with men without morals and behaviours. The way I invest in my body ,if one idiot lay his hands on me one day??? ,I don’t know if I will call police or sergeant at arm’s ,I think The president will adress the nation that day ,or his mother will find both of us in Jail , if my security guards don’t squiiiiize his balls to level Zero before ambulance ambulance will do it’s work ? @officialshilole this hurts and as a single mother you need your energy to take care of your children and your business.” Akothee said