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Tanzanian Student Allegedly Stripped Naked And Car Burnt in India


car burntTanzania’s government is reported to have sent a Note Verbale to the government of India to make follow ups on cases of mistreatment of African students precisely Tanzanians living in Bungalore India,.

“This comes after a shocking  incident involving  a 21-year-old Tanzanian who student was beaten and then stripped of all her clothes by a group of locals in Bengaluru after they assumed she was part of an incident in which a Sudanese man had run over a local woman.

The incident took place on Hesaraghatta Road in Bengaluru where on Saturday night a Sudanese national ran his car over a 35-year-old woman resulting in on the spot death of the woman.

The Tanzanian victim arrived on the scene after 30 minutes of the incident but she alleges in her complaint that the locals dragged her out of the car and thrashed her. She was allegedly stripped of her clothes and paraded naked.

The victim told the police in her complaint that when she tried to get on a bus in order to escape the assault, people on the bus pushed her back into the mob that assaulted her.

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The legal advisor to the African students union in Bengaluru Bosco Kaweesi said that the victim has been assaulted in the worst possible manner,” reports

An authority  clarified that the Bongo lady had no connections with the Sudanese reckless driver.

“They saw the mob attacking the guy who had caused the accident, the girl had no connection with him- Bosco Kaweesi

The further stated that , “Earlier, the local residents set fire to two cars belonging to the African students, who studied in local colleges in Ganapathinagar on Hesaraghatta Road.”

Check oit the lady’s allegedly burnt car;

Mukami Kanyi