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Tanzanians Attack Uhuru After Huddah Addressed Drug Trafficking Claims


Minding your own business costs 0.00 USD,” was one of Huddah Monroe’s favorite and most used caption line sometime back. However seems the petite 6-figure earner just couldn’t live by her own slogan and not minding her business just landed her in trouble.

As it hits the fifth day since Wema Sepetu, TID and others were arrested by the Magufuli regime with connection with drug trafficking and usage allegations, things are still sailing south and tougher to the victims by day.

It is alleged that stars like Diamond Platnumz, Vanessa Mdee, Nay Wa Mitego, TID , Idris Sultan and others are involved in trafficking hard drugs to China if not using the drugs themselves.

That said, the internet has continuously addressed the ongoing controversial story but when Huddah did, things turned sour.

Apart from drug trafficking, Huddah suggested that lesbianism has been so high amongst city ladies before making fun of how Dar Es Salaam’s ambience is full of “Unga” than oxygen.

To make matters worse, Huddah claimed Makonda (officer handling the drug cases)is handsome and could be Kenyan as before sadly confessing that she could also be on the list, were she a Tanzanian.

“Yani in DAR Es SALAAM kila msanii au INSTAGRAM celebrities wote wanapiga unga? DUH! How? Nilidhani watu
anafundishana mambo ya usagaji tuu ??.Naskia na hewa ya Tanzania ina Unga full , no oxygen! Pale ni kuwa high 24-7 ?. Nasihitaji kiki, hizo kiki sijaona aliyenunua nyumba au gari nazo ?

Anyways, Handsome boy Paul Makonda should come to Kenya too ? . Mimi hapa it’s only BELAIRE in my veins ?#STARGAL⭐️️,” read the post.

The post above garnered both positive and negative comments that saw Huddah reply unlike her norm.

However, a user, one  @tobyty23 just went too far with this after he dragged our president in this;

“Sema Makonda aje huko Kenya maana naskia mpaka rais wenu anatumia unga hahahaha…….,” went on the harsh comment that Huddah chose to ignore.

She wasnt spared either, as one comment also suggested she has been involved in lesbianism acts with the arrested female celebrities (Wema, Tunda, Vanessa and Ray C) and that is the reason why she was scared.

Check out screenshots below;