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Tassia Residents Cry Of Slow Response From Rescue Teams


A section of Tassia residents have expressed frustrations with the slow response of teams conducting rescue operations in the collapsed six storey building.

The residents claim that even after getting to the scene the rescue teams took a lot of time to rescue the victims.

“These guys took 30 minutes to pull one body out, while it only took us five minutes to conduct the same job,” said one of the volunteers.

They claim that a woman they wanted to rescue died as the police pushed them back from the scene.

“These woman cried for our help, we were only left with pushing the door just a little bit before we pull her out only for the police to come and push us back, she unfortunately died,” claimed the resident.

One of the volunteer persons who got to the scene first says that GSU and KDF officers arrived at the scene late and with equipment that were not working.

“GSU were brought, they came with some equipment that was supposed to use power, only for them to realise that there is no power. So it took a long time for them to conduct the rescue mission,”they claimed.

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Works Gordon Kihalangwa called for calm and patience as the rescue teams conducted their operations.