Tatu City launched Sports @ Tatu, a recreational hub designed to promote wellness, fitness, and community engagement within its thriving Live, Work, Play ecosystem.

The new facility was officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Kenyan World Champion and Olympian Lornah Kiplagat.

Sports @ Tatu, developed in collaboration with Unity Homes, offers a high-quality astroturf football pitch and a standard-sized basketball court, catering to individuals of all ages and abilities.

With over 100 km of pedestrian walkways, cycle paths, and nature trails, the facility integrates seamlessly into Tatu City’s landscape, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities amidst lush greenery.

Linda Nyaseda, Head of City Management and DCC at Tatu City, highlights the importance of Sports @ Tatu in cultivating a vibrant and healthy community.

The facility aims to be inclusive, inviting both Tatu City residents and the neighboring community to experience the transformative power of physical activity.

Kenyan World Champion and Olympian Lornah Kiplagat, serving as Tatu City’s Health and Wellness Ambassador, played a pivotal role in shaping the design and development of running trails and fitness activities at the new facility.

Her involvement emphasizes the commitment to harnessing the power of sports and recreation to foster camaraderie and vitality within the community.

In addition to the sports facility, Tatu City’s dedication to ecological sustainability and social well-being is evident in features like the Green Link—a network of pedestrian and cycling trails within Tatu Central, the new business and living district.

Tatu City’s collaboration with elite athlete and local community runner Fridah Ndinda further solidifies its status as a premier destination for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

As a 5,000-acre new city on Nairobi’s doorstep, Tatu City’s holistic approach to urban development, including homes, schools, businesses, and recreational spaces, represents a new way of living and thinking for residents, offering a live, work, and play environment free from traffic congestion and long-distance commuting.

The development by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest new city builder, showcases visionary projects across multiple countries in the continent.





February 21, 2024

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