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Taxpayer Association faults county bosses over lack of public involvement in Projects


The National Taxpayers Association has termed lack of Public Participation as the reason why most of Nairobi County’s projects have failed.

In a report released on Thursday January 17th counties fails to prioritise projects that benefit their people.

Irene Otieno from the National Taxpayers Association said “most projects lack public participation and hence most of them end up not being completed because the public was not involved during the initial stages.”

The research which was carried out in 29 community centres around Nairobi, revealed low percentages in public participation and the association has recommended that the public be engaged more.

Ms.Otieno further said that counties should be able to take on projects they are able to fund after consulting members of the public to avoid abandoning them halfway as witnessed in most areas.

The projects identified include rehabilitation of schools, construction of roads, modern markets, stalls and health facilities.