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Tanzanian Juggling woman in the country

Hadhara Chares displaying her Juggling Skills at Ghetto Radio

The Tanzanian woman whose video went viral on social media while displaying her juggling skills is in the country.
Hadhara Chares Njeja arrived in the country on 10th March in search of Sponsorship but has been living in the streets of Baba dogo area in Nairobi for lack of finances.
“I came to Kenya because I wanted to.I came in search of support given the skills I have but am yet to get.At the moment I live in the streets of Baba Dogo,at Ken Afrique in a parking slot.”
Chares 25, says she realized her jaggling skills at the age of ten.
With the help of Tanzania’s Ox fam,Chares has displayed her skills in various African Countries including Gabon,South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Cameroon.
Chares however says the payments she gets is not enough to sustain her family.

“I’ve been receiving payments whenever I perform but what I get is not enough to sustain my family and I.This is the main reason I moved to Kenya.I will appreciate if someone were to offer me their support”.