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Teachers Smuggling Drugs To 11 Year Old Primary School Pupils – Report


Primary and secondary school learners aged  11-15 are abusing drugs and substances in Kenya.

This is according to the report by National Campaign Against Drug Abuse ( NACADA) earlier today.

The report also states that some teachers and sub-ordinate workers are a major source in smuggling the drugs to the learners.

“The students are likely to initiate prescription drugs and inhalants at the age of 13 years. They are (also) likely to initiate alcohol, miraa, tobacco and heroin at the age of 14 years. For cocaine, the age of onset is 14.5 years, while bhang is 15 years,” reads the latest report by Nacada.

According to the report mostly abused drugs and substance being Alcohol and Tobacco.

“…7.2% were currently using prescription drugs; 3.2% were using tobacco, 2.6% were using alcohol, 2.3% miraa/muguka, 1.2% were using inhalants and 1.2% heroin,” reads the report

The mostly affected regions according to the survey are; Lower Eastern, Central and Eastern  regions, with the boys being the larger members making upto  60% while the girls make 40%.

However, the Ministry of internal  security in conjunction with that of education, come up with measures to curb drug abuse in the school, including, banning  construction of buildings, kiosks canteens 300 metres away from any learning institution seeing that it will impact positively to their mission.