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Ted Josiah speaks on single parenthood and mourning

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By Annette Amondi

Having to raise a child alone is not always easy for any parent and doing it while mourning a spouse makes it more difficult.

Veteran audio visual producer Ted Josiah was forced to raise his daughter Jamila alone when his wife Regina passed on in October last year.

Ghetto radio caught up with him as he was doing last minute preparations for his daughter’s first birthday.

Josiah reveals how it has not been an easy journey but pushes on because every day he is proud to put on a smile on his daughter’s face.

“It has not been easy raising Jay alone, these nine months have really taught me quite a lot. When my wife passed I made a choice to take up the duty and raise my daughter the right way. Of course I am still mourning and it is okay but I do the best for my daughter. Anyone in my shoes should not be afraid or discouraged it is a tough but beautiful journey.” He said

One unique bit about the single father is the fact that he has effortlessly managed to integrate his deceased wife Reginah into his child’s life through some priceless moments captured on camera.

He went on to urge men to take responsibility for their children and to know that the journey will not always be a bed of roses.

“Men should know losing a spouse is not easy and it is very okay to mourn, to cry and ease the pain because holding it in will only lead them into other bad habits in the name of mourning.” He added

The producer met with the Ghetto radio and country side dairy team as they went about appreciating fathers who have gone all the way out to fend for their children and especially those whom circumstances forced to take up the role of both parents.


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