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Teenage Thugs Terrorizing Kariobangi Residents


Kariobangi residents are living in fear following the increased number of teenage thieves of the age 15 -25 years old in the area.

The residents say the youths are pickpockets’ snatchers, and even some use sharp weapon like knives. The attacks happen both at day light and night.

Maurine Awino is a victim, narrates how she was robbed her phone from her house just a few minutes she left for water.

“One broke into my house just when i had stepped out to fetch water, he stole electronic stuff in my house including phone and TV,” narrates Awino.

The similar case is of Lynet who was attacked in the afternoon on her way to the hospital.

“They are young boys, they accosted us in broad daylight and snatched everything we had on us,” says Lynet.

Business people are not spared either as Fred Ouma was robbed his working tools.

The residents are pleading with the government to create job opportunities  for youths to tame the habit, saying idleness and poverty has left many indulge in robbery.

Kariobangi has been labeled as one of the hotspots of crime in Nairobi’s Eastlands area. Majority of the criminals operating in these areas have been profiled as young thugs carrying knives and home made guns.

The recent upsurge of crime in the area has seen police officers heighten patrols leading to several extrajudicial killings.